fluid loss control polyanionic cellulose low viscosity pac lv

low viscosity polyanionic cellulose (pac-lv)

Low Viscosity Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC-LV)

Compared with CMC produced by conventional process, PAC LV has the following features. 1). With uniform substitution and high transparency, Polyanionic Cellulose can control viscosity and reduce fluid loss. 2). Polyanionic Cellulose is appropriate for the water-base mud of fresh water, seawater and saturated salt water. 3).

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polyanionic cellulose pac lv suppliers for oil & gas drilling

Polyanionic Cellulose PAC LV Suppliers for Oil & Gas Drilling

PAC LV (also PAC L) is a premium grade purified low viscosity polyanionic cellulose (PAC) for oil and gas drilling which is designed to use as a fluid-loss control additive in freshwater, saltwater, KCl, and seawater drilling mud systems. It has low molecular weight which is essentially not a viscosifier and can be help form a thin and tough

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polyanionic cellulose low viscosity, pac low viscosity india

Polyanionic Cellulose Low Viscosity, PAC Low Viscosity India

GLO PAC LV 1000. Description: Polyanionic Cellulose Low Viscosity manufactured by Global Drilling Fluids and Chemical Limited is a purified high grade low molecular weight Poly Anionic Cellulose Polymer. It is a water soluble filtration loss controller. Low viscosity grade causes Minimal increase in viscosity.

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polyanionic cellulose low viscosity, pac-lv-tianya

Polyanionic Cellulose Low Viscosity, PAC-LV-Tianya

Polyanionic Cellulose Low Viscosity 锝?PAC-LV Polyanionic Cellulose Low Viscosity, PAC-LV for short, Polyanionic Cellulose Low Viscosity is applied in Drilling Fluid and Fixing Fluid: Protect wall of petroleum well, prevent mud loss and carry crumbs.

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polyanionic cellulose high viscosity ,pac hv, drilling pac

Polyanionic Cellulose High Viscosity ,PAC HV, Drilling PAC

PAC HV is a high quality Polyanionic Cellulose Polymer. It is a water based filtration control agent which also provides viscosity and controls fluid loss. Application: PAC HV is a cost effective means of controlling fluid loss and increasing viscosity and it improves the quality of the filter cake in water based drilling systems.

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pac lv drilling fluid china pac lv manufacturer, factory

Pac Lv Drilling Fluid China PAC LV Manufacturer, Factory

Synonyms: PAC,PAC HV,PAC LV,PAC R, Polyanionic cellulose. HS Code: 39123100. 3. Description 鈥淵UYU鈥?Introduction to Oil Drilling PAC锛屸€淵UYU鈥?PAC oilfield grade is divided into LV and HV(HV)銆?Slurry with PAC would form thin but hard filter cake with low permeability, reducing water loss.

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polyanionic cellulose | sidley chemical co., ltd

Polyanionic Cellulose | Sidley Chemical Co., Ltd

Polyanionic Cellulose has high degree of substitution, good substitution uniformity as well as high transparency, and can control viscosity and reduce fluid loss. Relate Products Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC) Drilling Additive 鈥?Polyanionic Cellulose polymer has excellent heat-resistant stability, salt tolerance and strong antibacterial activity.

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ashland | aquapac鈩?polyanionic cellulose

Ashland | AquaPAC鈩?polyanionic cellulose

AquaPAC鈩?polyanionic cellulose is of premium quality and cost-effective and provides outstanding fluid-loss control properties, shale inhibition and salt tolerance. It is useful for water-based drilling fluids as well as in low-density brines.

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polyanionic cellulose | cellulose ethers|drymix mortar

Polyanionic Cellulose | Cellulose ethers|Drymix mortar

Polyanionic Cellulose is soluble into water to form thick liquid, and it widely used in water-base drilling fluid so as to enhance the drilling fluid viscosity and control the fluid loss. Usually the sodium salt of Polyanionic Cellulose is in application and widely used in petroleum drilling, especially in salt well and offshore oil drilling.

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shale & fluid loss control additives | prince international

Shale & Fluid Loss Control Additives | Prince International

PRIMO庐 PAC II HV and LV 鈥?Polyanionic cellulose that meets all API specifications PRIMO庐 PAC HV and LV Liquid 鈥?Fast dispersing liquid suspension of PRIMO庐 PAC; 40% active by weight SPA 鈥?Modified acrylic polymer for fluid loss control in monovalent brines up to 400掳 F

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