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pH-Controlled Chirality Inversion in Enantiodifferentiating Photocyclodimerization of 2-Antharacenecarboxylic... Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry2020,31 (6) , 1180-1188.

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and Flocculant for Textile Effluents Biocoagulants Emerging as Alternatives... 2 Anionic Polymers Polymers Containing Carboxyl Groups Poly... Weight and Charge Density Conformation of Polyelectrolyte in Solution...

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Blufloc Cationic Polyelectrolyte Flocculant Emulsion Equivalent to Superfloc... molecular weight anionic flocculant ,used for mineral processing. Consolidated Chemicals premier suppliers of specialist chemical products in New...

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The review of prices on polyacrylamide in Russia. Kemira is making all efforts... Product characteristics As a flocculant,Anionic polyacrylamide is a kind of water-soluble polyelectrolyte, which is nontoxic, tasteless, soluble in...

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Brazil, Russia, Mexico, United States, Turkey, Germany, etc. In most mineral processes where there is a flocculant requirement for either a sedimentation or centrifugation application then a high or ultra high molecular weight...

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With anionic flocculants there is a tendency to use high or very high molecular weight polymers as low molecular weight, highly anionic polymers can behave as dispersants. Unlike cationic flocculants, the charge carried by anionic flocculants can be due to a number of different element groupings, however the principal types in commercial use

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Blufloc Polyacrylamide (PAM) / Polyelectrolyte is water soluble polymer with Anionic, Cationic and Nonionic types. The range of molecular weight is different, Anionic is from 5-22 million, Cationic is from 5-12 million and Nonionic is from 5-12 million, with a charge density ranging from 0-60%.

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For chitosan PEC particle formation, many investigators have used cation polyelectrolyte solution (chitosan) in excess of anionic polyelectrolytes (Schatz et al., 2004). The size of PECs is influenced by the polyelectrolyte concentration, charge density, mixing ratio, and pH.

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They can be anionic or cationic. Some of these products exist in the form of highly viscous solutions (5,000 to 10,000 centipoises) that can be pumped as supplied with secondary dilution at the feeding pump delivery. polyacrylamide powders. Certain precautions have to be taken when preparing a solution from powder flocculants:

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NonIonic Polyelectrolyte is basically water soluble polymers that carry ionic charges. They are organic high molecular weight products with a poly acrylamide base, which are completely soluble in water. Specifications: Standard Specification Actual Specification Degree of Iron(%) 2.79% Molecular Weight 7-10(million) 7.11(million) PH value 5-7 6

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RXSOL ANIONIC POLYMER FLOCCULANT ( RXSOL DAF ) is a high molecular weight, medium anionic charge, water-soluble polymer in emulsion form. It is effective as a flocculant in various liquid/solid separation applications, such as clarification, dissolved air flotation, and sludge dewatering of inorganic sludges.

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Cationic Polyelectrolyte is utilized for dewatering organic slush from human waste, sewage and industrial effluents. This powdered form flocculant is formed by making use of finest quality polyacrylic ester to ensure exceptional treatment effects in the combination of inorganic flocculants.

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Anionic Polyelectrolyte has been specifically designed for improvising the filtration and clarification processes in sugar processing. This organic based copolymer flocculant is effective in complex systems, which coagulate the solids and help in instantly forming flocs.

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The three most common anionic groups are carboxylate (–COO-), phosphonate (–PO 3 H-, –PO 3 2-), and sulfonate (–SO 3-) and the most common cationic groups are primary, secondary and quaternary ammonium (–NH 3 +, =NH 2 + & ≡N +). The type of ionic group, its counter ion and the structure of the repeat unit determine the properties of

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