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Rubber accelerator CBS(CZ) made from china factory with really good price Chemical Name: N-Cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazole sulfenamide Molecular Formula: C 13 H 16 N 2 S 2 Chemical Structure: CAS NO: 95-33-0

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We,China Accelerator CBS 95-33-0 Suppliers and China Accelerator CBS 95-33-0 Manufacturers, provide Accelerator CBS 95-33-0 product and the products related with China Accelerator CBS 95-33-0 - Zhedong Rubber CAS NO: 95-33-0 EC NO: 202-411-2

Accelerator CBS(CZ),N-Cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazole sulfenamide---Rongcheng Chemical General Factory Co., Ltd.

CBS(CZ) Product name: CBS(CZ) Chemical name: N-Cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazole sulfenamide Structure: Cas no.: 95-33-0 Item Granular Powder Oil powder Appearance Grayish-white granular Grayish-white powder Grayish-white oily powder Initial M.P 0.30 0.30

China Rubber Accelerator CBS (CZ) Powder and Granule - China CBS, CBS (CZ)

CAS NO: 95-33-0 Rubber Accelerator CBS(CZ) Specification: Items Data Appearance Greyish white or light yellow powder Initial Melting point ºC ≥ 98.0 Heating Loss:%≤ 0.30 Ash content %≤ 0.30 Residue on 100mesh Sieve %≤ 0.10 The product could be oiled

Rwber Cyflymydd CBS Gweithgynhyrchwyr, Cyflenwyr - Prynu Cyflymydd Rwber Pris Gorau CBS - Ruizheng

Rhif CAS: 95-33-0 Rhif Model: Gradd Ddiwydiannol Enwau Eraill: Cyflymydd CBS (CZ) Ymddangosiad: powdr gwyn llwyd (gronyn) MF: C13H16N2S2 Cymhwysiad: Asiantau Rwber / Plastig / Lledr Ategol Rhif EINECS :202-411-2 Math :: Cyflymydd rwber

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Sulfonamides--Rubber Accelerator CBS(CZ) Chemical Name: N-Cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazole sulfenamide structure: Molecular Formula: C 13 H 16 N 2 S 2 Molecular Weight: 264.4 CAS NO: 95-33-0 Specification: Item Powder Oiled powder Granule Initial M.P. ο

rubber accelerator tmtd-95-33-mkwt(china manufacturer | Widely Used Hot Sale Rubber Chemical Products

Rubber Accelerator TMTD 95-33-0 - mkwt Products Made In China, China Manufacturer. Rubber Accelerator TMTD Chemical name: Tetramethyl-thiuram-Disulfide Molecular Formula: C6H12N2S4 Molecular Weight: 240.41 Product standard: HG/T2334-2007 CAS No.: 137-26-8 Product Specification: Item First Grade Qualified Grade Appearance White powder Initial M.P., °C ≥ 142.0 140.0 Loss on Drying%, ≤ 0.40

China Rubber Accelerator Manufacturer, Suppliers, Factory - Rubber Additive Rubber Accelerator - Sunnyjoint Chemicals

Rubber Accelerator CZ 95-33-0 Thioureas Rubber Accelerator DETU 105-55-5 Accelerator ETU Thiurams Rubber Accelerator TMTD 137-26-8 Rubber Accelerator TETD 97-77-8 Rubber Accelerator TiBTD 3064-73-1 Rubber Accelerator TBzTD 10591-85-2

Rubber Accelerator CBS(CZ)

Rubber Accelerator Rubber Antioxidant Other Rubber Additives K fair booth no.8bE24-10 Products Rubber Accelerator CBS(CZ) Structure: Molecular Formula: C 13 H 16 N 2 S 2 Molecular Weight: 264.4 CAS NO: 95-33-0 Specification: Item Powder Granular

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Henan XuanNuo Chemicals Co., Ltd: As one of the leading rubber accelerator, rubber antioxidant, rubber vulcanising agent, rubber antiscorching agent, rubber adhesive manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy bulk high quality chemical