dispersant for pigment and coating ink cationic polyacrylamide

dispersants - lubrizol

Dispersants - Lubrizol

Dispersants are available as 100% active and in a variety of diluents. Our line of Solsperse鈩?hyperdispersants for solvent-based ink and coating systems provide excellent compatibility with a wide range of resins and other formulation components. Our dispersant anchor groups are optimized for strong adsorption to organic and inorganic

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cationic dispersant, cationic dispersant manufacturer

Cationic Dispersant, Cationic Dispersant Manufacturer

We have been into the market of additives serving the paint and ink industries with our formulated effective Cationic Dispersant. These additives are widely used for decorative industrial paints & for those pigments that are difficult to disperse. Features : Cationic dispersant for decorative industrial paints

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how to disperse and stabilize pigments

How to disperse and stabilize pigments

The choice of anionic anchor group should allow for better performance with inorganic pigments and a cationic anchor group should be more appropriate for organic pigments. The surface area of the pigment also affects the level of dispersant used, and in general, if too little is used then the full benefits will not be realized.

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dispersing agents - basf dispersions & pigments

Dispersing Agents - BASF Dispersions & Pigments

Our portfolio of dispersing agents for coatings and ink formulations contains solutions for aqueous, solvent-based, high solids, 100% solids systems and universal pigment concentrates. These polymeric, oligomeric and surfactant-based technologies are known for outstanding color development, viscosity reduction, enhanced gloss and stability as

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us6617362b1 - method of making cationic pigment slurries

US6617362B1 - Method of making cationic pigment slurries

Cationically dispersed slurries of alumina pigments, which formed by a process including the combination of one or more alumina pigments, a nonionic wetting agent or nonionic polymer and a cationic interfacial modifier in an aqueous medium in the absence of an acid dispersant.

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functionality & performance - basf dispersions & pigments

Functionality & Performance - BASF Dispersions & Pigments

BASF's high-molecular-weight dispersants ensure steric stabilization, which is far stronger and much more effective. The amount of polymeric dispersant used is very important, since performance depends on optimal saturation of the pigment surface by the dispersant. BASF's data sheets and pigment lists provide guidance on the appropriate amounts.

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