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hydrogel agriculture technology - a beginners guide | agri

Hydrogel Agriculture Technology - A Beginners Guide | Agri

Hydrogel Agriculture Technology: Today, let us get into discussion of Hydrogel Agriculture Technology or Hydrogel In Farming. What is Hydrogel? Hydrogel are also known as Super Absorbent Polymers, SAP, absorbent polymers, absorbent gels, super soakers, super slurpers, water gel is a new type of macro molecular synthetic water absorbing polymer material.

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alsta hydrogel - super absorbent polymer for agriculture

Alsta Hydrogel - Super Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture

Polyacrylate hydrogel in agriculture is effective in water utilization in agricultural and horticultural crops in areas with rainfed agriculture, from little or negligible to limited irrigation conditions. It offers huge economic viability to cultivations and is a boon to dry states, called the "future generation of farming".

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hydrogel agriculture

Hydrogel agriculture

Hydrogel agriculture technology uses insoluble gel-forming polymers to improve the water-holding properties of different soils, such as clays and sandy loams. This can increase water-holding and water use (up to 85% for sand), improve soil permeability, reduce the need for irrigation, reduce compaction, soil erosion , and leaching, and improve

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biodegradable nano-hydrogels in agricultural farming

Biodegradable Nano-Hydrogels in Agricultural Farming

Thus, silver coated hydrogel had good water-retention capacity in soil, and that with silver coated hydrogel use water can be saved and managed so that they can be effectively used for the growth of plants. These results showed that the silver coated hydrogel had excellent water absorbency, water-retention, and moisture preservation capacity.

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cellulose-based hydrogels for agricultures | springerlink

Cellulose-Based Hydrogels for Agricultures | SpringerLink

Hydrogel agriculture technology was introduced in the late 1980s; it involves the formation of polymer gels using insoluble water-absorbing polymers [].The agricultural hydrogels are referred to as water retention granules because they swell to many times their original size when they come in contact with water [].

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biodegradable superabsorbent hydrogel increaseswater

Biodegradable Superabsorbent Hydrogel IncreasesWater

Tests revealed absence of phytotoxicity of the hydrogel, and cultivation trials on cucumber (on soil) and sweet basil (in soilless conditions) showed a general overall enhancement of plant growth and quality when hydrogel was added to growing media. The tested hydrogel showed to be suitable for potential use in agriculture.

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