Paper industry in polyacrylamide dispersing agent is composed of cationic polyacrylamide with low relative molecular weight, due to its molecular chain containing carboxyl and on electronegative fiber with dispersion effect, can improve the viscosity of pulp, is conducive to the fiber suspension and effectively improve the sheet uniformity is a long fiber of high efficient dispersant.

Used in paper industry water treatment flocculant is amphoteric polyacrylamide and its amide radicals wastewater of many substances affinity form hydrogen bonds, which can be dispersed particles in water adsorption together condensed into a group, so as to promote the particle sedimentation and filtration of the.

Compared to the amphoteric polyacrylamide and other inorganic flocculant, with complete varieties, production less dosage, sedimentation speed, less slag mud production, processing is simple, can meet the requirements of different wastewater treatment.

Used for papermaking retention and drainage agent is often polyacrylamide modified products, including anionic polyacrylamide (APAM), cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM) and amphoteric polyacrylamide (ampam), with a relative molecular weight of between 200 to 400 million. APAM in general and other cationic compounds constitute a complex system to better retention effect, such as aluminium sulfate and combination, can make APAM and fiber, small fibers, fillers and other closely, so that it can greatly increase the fines and filler retention. CPAM is one of the most commonly used retention aid in papermaking, and the product of high molecular weight and low charge density is generally used. The charge and the fiber with opposite charges, used alone, can also be used in combination with bentonite, anion, in the paper to bridge online and caused by poly paper wadding, and can make the paper filler retention increase, network led white water concentration decreased. CPAM with negative charge of bentonite composition of microparticle retention and drainage system using, because of the flocs formed by adding CPAM and paper material poly size larger, after flushing pump device by high shear force, flocculation body broken solution into small pieces, and then joined the negative charge of bentonite will be bridged the small pieces back together again, and form than CPAM at the beginning of the formation of flocs poly body smaller floc. In order to improve the retention rate of the paper, it also improved the uniformity of paper and the performance of water filtration. When AmPAM is used as retention and drainage aid, the anionic group rejects the anionic trash in the pulp, and the cationic group is combined with the fiber and the fine fiber. So that the retention rate of fine fibers is improved very well.